Health and Wellness Grant

The MS Focus Health and Wellness Program offers you the opportunity to participate in various forms of adaptive exercise or alternative therapy. Where there are a sufficient number of people interested, classes are formed. Where classes are not available, individuals may apply for full or partial funding to participate in activities through local gyms, fitness facilities, and wellness centers.

Across the country, MS Focus has sponsored classes and programs for individuals including: 

  • yoga
  • aquatics
  • exercise and fitness 
  • therapeutic horseback riding
  • adaptive sports and recreation
  • art therapy
  • dance therapy

All classes are led by qualified instructors, and most are free of charge for the attendees. These therapies are designed to assist in symptom management and pain relief, as well as to help improve physical and emotional health. 

To participate in one of our many virtual health and wellness programs, check our events calendar. For questions, email

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